What can I say. This is the city where I was born and spend the first exciting twenty years of my life. Here are my roots and is my heart.

I lived in many different places and got to love those, but Amsterdam is deeply rooted. Some places come close, but will never replace. Although I have been away from this vibrant city for many years, I am always so happy to come back. Funny thing is, when I return I feel like a tourist in my “own” place, and I like it. It made me open my eyes differently towards my city, and although knowing every pothole, I keep on discovering new places and views. I actually never realized it’s beauty until I left and returned.

So, here is a (to) short collection of the many many images that I made in Amsterdam and hope you enjoy them.

You have to visit Amsterdam at least once, and if you go, see it from the water!

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HANDCRAFTED BY FRANS (Yessss, thats me :-))