Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city that I know since the last century :-). Always business visits with mainly Airports, Hotels, Offices and Restaurants on the agenda and little room for sightseeing. Nevertheless, thanks to many visits and interaction with the locals, I had a good impression about this city and it’s people. It had this atmosphere of style grandeur. “We are Italians who think they are British and speak Spanish” an Argentinean friend of mine always jokingly said.

Besides great meat, wine and some other goodies, their biggest gift to the global community is undoubtedly the Tango. I was lucky enough to see it in every possible way, from the major shows to the smallest neighborhood cafe’s.  “The birthplace of the tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with excited energy. Atmospheric old neighborhoods are rife with romantic restaurants and thumping nightlife, and Buenos Aires’ European heritage is evident in its architecture, boulevards and parks.” Is what TripAdvisor write about Buenos Aires, and that is spot on.. However, we decided to celebrate Christmas and the turn of the year in Buenos Aires and even though Buenos Aires is still Buenos Aires, it lost much if the grandness it once had. The atmosphere was not there anymore. A lot changed in Argentina over the last fifteen years or so. Nevertheless I had this feeling that it will take only a little turn for the better to get it back to the stylish grandeur it was. Cheers to you Buenos Aires.

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HANDCRAFTED BY FRANS (Yessss, thats me :-))