It’s cute, it’s small, it’s beautiful, it’s very well maintained, it’s clean, it’s cute (Oh, I said that already) and if you stay at the “wrong” side of the river Arno, it’s also reasonable quiet. This is Italy as it’s best.

Wherever you go, you cannot go wrong, but as always, I challenge you to go out of the comfort zone and turn a couple of corners and loose yourself in the small streets outside of the tourist area’s. Don’t get me wrong, you really want to visit all the big museums, they are so worth it. You also want to wander into the streets with all the tourist stores, because here you find the finest leather, jewelry, fashion, perfumes and whatever typical Italian luxury goods they can think of. And believe me the Italians are very very good when it comes to luxury items and good life. I know that I can learn a thing of two.

The atmosphere is amazing. Specially at night, there is this calmness in the small streets almost magical.

If you don’t stay at the “wrong” side of the Arno, at least go there a few times at night for diner. It is walking distance (Everything is) and there are a couple of amazingly good restaurants. And did I say affordable? Yes!

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HANDCRAFTED BY FRANS (Yessss, thats me :-))