There is not as lot one cannot do in a city like London. It has something for anybody’s taste and for any weather. Going around is very easy thanks to the legendary “Tube”. You only never can forget that in traffic right is left and left is right. Right?

In the contrary to every other metropole I know, London offers without a doubt THE best flea markets. The Stables in Camden Town are simply the best. Also the area around the Stables has much to offer with little boutiques and lovely little restaurants. But there are many more little flea markets where you can browse and find the most unexpected things.
A major perk in London are the free museums. Really. And there are little over 300. The one that impressed me most is the Tate Modern. Plan to have at least a tea at the restaurant on the top floor with it’s panoramic view over London.

In general de Londeners are kind people with a particular sense of humor, and also the easiest people to photograph. As one should, I always ask if I may take their picture, and I was not refused once. In the contrary they enjoyed. I placed a few in this gallery, but I will add a “people” gallery soon and there some more will find their place.

Be prepared for windy, rainy, foggy days and you are good to go.

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HANDCRAFTED BY FRANS (Yessss, thats me :-))