The “Red City” of Marrakech is a magical place and a very inspiring and colorful environment. Wandering through the historic Medina with it’s many markets (Souks), and small snaking alleyways kept us busy and excited, we did not even care to explore the world outside of the Medina walls. Except for a trip to the fantastic Jardin Majorelle and the Atlas Mountains.

Entering the Medina, you literally step a few centuries back and enter a place only Marrakech can offer. Put on your most comfortable shoes and start wandering. Get lost in the souks, turn into whatever alley and you always find a surprise. Have fun in negotiating (As you are expected to do so). And have many tastes of the amazing Moroccan food.

One of the reasons it is called the red city, is in my opinion, the light of the “golden hour”. When sunset kicks in, the light turns magical reddish. I was really amazed how the atmosphere changes into something totally different. A photographer’s delight. As I am a street shooter, I was particularly interested in Marrakech. Being a mainly Muslim community, it is not appreciated shooting people. But with some friendly words (“May I take your picture?”, or some gesture like that) and a smile, I was able to make some interesting shots.

Ask me about our favorite Riad if you are planning to visit this magical and inspiring place.

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HANDCRAFTED BY FRANS (Yessss, thats me :-))