I have been through many camera’s in the 4-5 decades that I am active in the making images business.

Most I liked, some I liked very much. I will tell you more about this in another post.

BUT, I have never been so happy with a camera than with this little baby. Before I go any further, let us establish that THE ideal camera does not exist, and that different camera’s serve different purposes. With that out of the way, I am not into sports and/or animal images, they require a different approach. Especially a different lens.

Since a few weeks I am the happy owner of a Ricoh GR2, successor of the (you guessed it) GR1. Basically the same thing with some additional and useless fluff.

It is small! Important for me as I can drag this little everywhere. I really fits in the front pocket of my jeans. When I walk the street, it lives in my hand, ready to shoot.

It looks dull. GREAT! In my end of the world, one does NOT want to show off a flashy thing hanging of your shoulder.

With the right settings, it is fast. Very fast.

And the best: The results are stunning. The lens is really super sharp and the APS-C sensor is build for it. I am a happy shooter.

Ricoh is one of those companies run by engineers and not by marketing people. Not that there is anything against marketing people (I am one myself), but there is definitely a different approach. In this case engineers that understand photographers.

The main purpose is to go out and shoot. There is a rather excellent auto-everything setting for those who don’t want to fiddle, and if you do want to fiddle, joy oh joy…. There is no end. And the beauty is that you can save three different settings that are very fast accessible on the top of the camera. More settings can be accessed through the menu, or an assigned function button.

I usually flip back and forth between two settings; general and street. The third I reserved for low light. But more about that later.