A little over 15.000 restaurants in TripAdvisor only, at the time of this writing, with over one million reviews. Nuff said. And not without a reason, we all know the saying; “In France, the customer is always wrong”. And I cannot deny that my worst restaurant experiences when it comes to service, happened in France. BUT, and here is the good thing, they make it up to us with places who serve marvelous food. So to put things back in balance, I also had the best quality food experiences in France.

The few times we spend in Paris, we had an amazing time walking the streets and neighborhoods. I am sure we will end up there once more. Paris is one of those few cities that stayed authentic and has its own very strong personality. One does never get tired of Paris.

A photographers paradise. And I really had trouble selecting these fifteen. And they might not be the very best ones technically spoken, but they are the ones I like best. Enjoy!

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HANDCRAFTED BY FRANS (Yessss, thats me :-))