Of the many cities I visited, here I lost a piece of my heart. Nuff said. It’s charming, clean, safe, has a vibrant art movement, friendly people, easy to go around, enough museums and history to keep you busy for days. For me Prague ticked all the items I love about a city. Prague is still authentic and did not change into a modern metropole (yet). And it is affordable.

As usual there is a crowded tourist center and there is the rest. And the rest is what makes Prague so unique for me. We took a tram (A nice challenge on it’s own) and went to a neighborhood where we found a modern art museum DOX. What a pleasant surprise. World class exhibitions and huge for a city of this size.

Remarkable is the population split. There is the generation that grew up before the fall of the iron curtain and the generation after that. The latter speaks reasonable English, as the government quickly introduced English classes in all the schools after the fall of the iron curtain. So most younger people in stores and restaurants speak English, while you’ll be lucky to find somebody from the elder generation with even a basic German. However, they are all fluent in Russian, for obvious reasons.

It is a bohemian city with many little bars in small cellars waiting to be explored. A vibrant music scene and opportunities for many romantic strolls along the river Vlatava. Or sip a wine at one of the many riverside restaurants with a warm blanket over your knees.

And as always, the best is around the corner outside of the busy tourist crowd.

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