A place that should be on everyone’s bucket list. I need to go back and explore it further. Of course there is all the famous tourist stuff that one has to visit and do, but there is also the Venice of the thousands of little alleys, squares and back streets that are begging to be discovered. We are the kind of people that prefer to stroll and get lost. There is no better place to do that than Venice. There are surprises around every corner with small little stores and not to forget the ohh so lovely little restaurants. It is very easy to go around with the vaporetto. They offer excellent maps with all the routes and with a multi-day pass, you just hop on and off. Everything else you do with comfortable walking shoes.

My advice for a visit would be during spring or autumn. As this is a phenomenal place, I also feel sorry for the city. The tourism really can be too much, and during our stay we skipped some of the top tourist attractions due to the tourist crowd. Large cruise liners drop literally thousands of tourists for the day and flock from one to the other top attraction.

If you go, spend time to take the vaporetto and explore some of the other islands.

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